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    Why I Returned to My Ancestral Religion

    Ms. Esther Dhanraj Speaks to Dr Subramanian Swamy
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    Google adds eight Indian languages including Sanskrit to Google Translate Google Translate learns 24 new languages...
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    Unsheathed - The Story of Muhammad is now in Arabic

    One may read via Google Translate Arabic orphan 7 The Meccans were polytheistic: they worshiped multiple deities at the same time. their temple; Kaaba" Includes 360 idols: the lat; Al-'Uzza is Manat Dual Caffeine. Falls » » Khalsa Manaf, » » Shamsa » » Ya Guth Yuuq ... and the list ongoing ...
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    Guru-Sishya parampara
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    Guru-Sishya parampara

    How does the Guru-Shishya tradition work in modern times in schools? shishya parampara/ Every Guru-Sishya tradition claims its origin in the eternal. In every tradition the lineage of teachers is given a salutation. For instance here is the salutation sloka of...
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    Black pepper history
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    Basic information via translation in Indic languages along with international languages

    New York city provides basic information via translation in Indic languages along with international languages. Click Ax next to NYC and select Indic language. For example if one selects Hindi translation which can be read instantly in Indic scripts via the attached Readmylanguage tool . India...
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    Prohibitions for Brahmanas
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    Ritu (Indian season)
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    Analytics Insight explains some reasons for India to lag behind the US and China in the AI race,to%20take%20over%20the%20position.
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    Early Tamilians trace their ancestry to Lord Sri Rama
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    Questions and Answers about Hinduism
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    Questions and Answers about Hinduism
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    Parashara Smritihṛiti-casteist-anti-women-verses/
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    Parashara Smritihāśara